Experience Days

A typical day in the pottery

9am: Arrive
Learn basics of clay preparation and handling

Session 1: Begin coil pot or start throwing if preferred

11am: Break for coffee

Session 2: Thrown pots

1pm: Lunch

1.45pm: Session 3: Finish coil pot or continue throwing Thrown pots

3.30pm: Tea

Session 4: Throwing & discussion of decoration

5pm: Finish
So many people have said "I've always wanted to do that!" when they hear I’m a potter. But for almost everyone that has meant, at best, one go on a wheel in a pottery factory, or an unsatisfactory series of “goes” at school or evening class.
When you come for a pottery experience day you will have my undivided attention for up to seven hours. That can be all on the wheel if you like or can be a mixture of other techniques. Success guaranteed!

A full day in the pottery is £160 for one person and a total of £240 for the maximum of two people. This includes lunch and other refreshments during the day. The pots you make will be glazed and twice fired ready for collection about 3-4 weeks later.


You may well have decorated a pot before at a shop, but I expect it was a mass- produced moulded one.

My bowls are hand- thrown and the colours painted on before firing giving subtler effects. You decorate on unfired white clay on which you can draw your designs first with a soft pencil giving more control before painting with underglaze colours.

Ages: 11 upwards as the unfired clay needs more careful handling than a fired piece.
Numbers: 6-12 Allow 3 weeks after decorating as the pots need two firings.
Cost: £15 a head plus travel expenses outside immediate area.